18 Gauge LED Cable, 3 Conductor 500ft. Spool

Model No: 183C-500FSB LED CABLE 500 FT SPOOL
18 AWG 3 Conductor 105C Black Sleeve

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Product Spec Sheet

MaxBrite PREMIUM QUALITY 18-Gauge Pure Copper LED Wire
Engineered to Maximize the Performance of Low Voltage Wiring.

    •  18 AWG, 3 Conductor, 16 Stranded Wires per channel
    •  99.99% Oxygen Free Copper Conductors
    •  Flexible In-Wall PVC Black Jacketed
    •  Sequentially Marked every two feet in Descending order from the start of the Reel to the Core

    •  UL Safety Certified
    •  NEC 725 Class 2 Rated for Commercial Use

500 feet Spooled

Package Dimensions: 10" x 10'' x 5'' ( L x W x H )
Package Weight:        13.65 lbs.

For LED, Low Voltage Wiring, and Audio Systems
High Quality for Professional Installation.