YELLOW Twist-On Wire Connector, Bag of 500

22-10 AWG, 600V Pack of 500

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YELLOW TWIST-ON Wire Connector P4 Type is the Industry Standard for Electrical Wiring
Color Coded Screw on wire Connectors for Quick Assembly, UL Listed 300V

   Packaged bag of 500 pcs.
   Wire combinations: No. 22 thru 10 AWG

  •  Fixed Precise Conical Wire Spring, No Pre-Twisting of Conductors is Required – Spring Creates its Own
  •  Reusable Screw on Wire Connector Threads On or Off splice for fast and easy circuit changes and additions
  •  Ribbed-Cap Provides a more Secure Grip and faster fingertip starts even when hands become slippery
  •  Deep Skirt Wire Entry Provides Protection from Flash-Over and Shorts
  •  Threaded Funnel Entry Guides Wire Into Connector Cleanly without Strand Splaying

  •  Temperature Rated at 221°F (105°C) maximum
  •  Tough, UL 94V-2 Flame Retardant Shell will not crack or break, even when applied to maximum wire
      combinations under extreme pressure

VOLTAGE RATING: 600V Max. Building Wiring; 1000V Max. in Lighting Fixtures/Luminaires and Signs

  •  Listed as a Pressure-Type Wire Connector on the following SOLID and/or STRANDED COPPER TO COPPER
      CONDUCTOR wire combinations:

  •  Overall Dimensions: 0.95'' H x 0.55'' D

  1. Turn off power before installing or removing connectors.
  2. Strip solid wire 3/8’’ (9.5mm). For #16 and smaller wires, strip 7/16’’ (11.1mm).
  3. Pre-twisting unnecessary. Hold stripped wires together with ends even. Lead stranded wires slightly.
  4. Align any frayed strands or conductors.
  5. Push wires into connector and screw on until two twists are visible in wires.

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